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About Last Night….

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

😮‍💨I worked my usual 9-5 yesterday and then came home to interviews, emails, and redecorating. I feel bad that I didn’t get to bond with my kids like I normally do before bedtime. Well, my teenager stated she was fine😂but my pre-teen clearly needed some of my attention. He was trying to talk to me at his bedtime. I allowed him to tell me all the things he wanted to share with me because it wasn’t his fault that the Business aspect of my day took up his time. One thing I need to work on is counting my blessings; At least I’m in the same house as them this go-round. There was a time where I was only able to see them on weekends because I lacked the means of taking care of them full-time and I didn’t have my license to see nor transport them everyday. Now I’m running a business that aligns with the Career I love so much! One change in 2016 put me where I am today🙏🏾

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Nadine Rosber
Nadine Rosber
Dec 29, 2021

You're doing such an amazing job. Your kids will appreciate all of your efforts

GoddessMother Takita
GoddessMother Takita
Dec 30, 2021
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